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2015 Indiana University Libraries Information Literacy Colloquium: About

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About the Colloquium



Theme: What Does It All Mean?: Unpacking the Information Literacy Framework   


Date: Friday, August 7, 2015


Time: 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.


Sponsor: Indiana University Libraries Instruction Congress


Event Coordinators:

Maria T. Accardi, Coordinator of Instruction, Indiana University Southeast

Latrice Booker, Coordinator of Library Instruction. Indiana University Northwest

Nancy Wootton Colborn, Head of Information Literacy Services, Indiana University South Bend

Carrie Donovan,  Head, Teaching & Learning, Indiana University Libraries Bloomington

Yan He, Information Literacy Librarian, Indiana University Kokomo


Location: Indiana University Kokomo Library and Kelly Center, Kokomo, Indiana.  Kokomo is located in northern Indiana.


Audience: Academic librarians


Workshops: 60 minutes in length; interactive, engaging, and practical. 


Registration:  Registration, which will be limited to a maximum of 100 attendees, will open early June.


Registration fee:   $60


Purpose:  The event is intended to raise awareness of emerging trends and salient issues surrounding the design, delivery, and assessment of information literacy by offering an affordable opportunity for librarians to share, learn, and reflect about their teaching in a collaborative, risk-free environment.


Hashtag: IULILC2015