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Constitution of the United States Resources: Videos/DVDs

This guide contains helpful information for doing research with or about the United States Constitution. Resources are available online or in the IU Kokomo Library.

Videos & DVDs

Streaming Video

The Making of the Constitution (27:30)

This is a compelling account of the events leading up to the creation of the Constitution. Conforming to civics and history curriculums, the program puts key events into historical perspective by examining the pressures faced by Loyalists, Patriots, and average colonists. Richly textured with historical art, compelling video footage, and insightful commentary, it explores a fascinating mix of individuals, political philosophers, and social issues of the day. Dramatized sections provide insights into what actually went on at Independence Hall while the document was being written. A Cambridge Educational Production. (27 minutes)

Moyers: Report from Philadelphia Video Clip Collection-Themes(03:22:50)


Ideas, issues, events, and individuals come to life as Emmy award-winning journalist Bill Moyers reports on the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Filmed at Independence Hall and filled with historical images and passages from the diaries, letters, and records of the Framers themselves, this two-part set is an indispensable tool for teaching the Constitution.

All 76 clips (2:35 each), culled from the classic Moyers: Report from PhiladelphiaPBS television series, are arranged into groupings that take a thematic approach to the doings and decisions of that momentous period—The Context/Setting of 1787; Democracy, Representative Government, and the People; Religion and the Constitution; Slavery; American Indians and the West; National Powers; and more. In addition, a comprehensive 54-page viewable/printable instructor’s guide, available online, provides educational context for the clips, with learning objectives, pre-teaching ideas, post-viewing discussion questions, extension activities, a glossary of pertinent terms, and a list of supplemental print and online resources.

Use these 76 reports to address the issues and questions that shaped America’s Constitution—and that continue to inform political debate today. 2-part set, 104 minutes each.

Themes from the 1787 Constitutional Convention—Part 1

A thematic study of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 opens important avenues of discussion on topics related to the Convention itself and the Framers, the workings of the U.S. government, and life in America. This program uses 38 video clips (2:35 each) to explore the following themes, some of which are still relevant today: The Context/Setting of 1787, The Delegates, The Virginia and New Jersey Plans, The Executive Branch, The Legislative Branch, The Judicial Branch, and Slavery. (104 minutes)

Themes from the 1787 Constitutional Convention—Part 2

Not all of the issues and questions raised at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 were answered during those heady few months. Indeed, some are still unresolved to this day. This program uses 38 video clips (2:35 each) to explore the following themes: Democracy, Representative Government, and the People; Large States and Small; Making a Constitution; American Indians and the West; National Powers: War, Taxes, and the National Defense; Religion and the Constitution; and Federal or National? (104 minutes)

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