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Polly Boruff-Jones Profile

Library Faculty Profile


Book Chapters

Kuh, G. D., Boruff-Jones, P. D., & Mark, A. E. (2007).  Engaging students in the first college year:  Why academic librarians matter.  In L. Hardesty (Ed.), The role of the library in the first college year (Monograph No. 45, pp. 17-27).  Columbia, SC:  University of South Carolina, National Resource Center on the First-Year Experience and Transition.


Boruff-Jones, P. D. (2002/03).  Our experience with two virtual reference services at IUPUI University Library.  The Reference Librarian, 79/80, 241-255. 

  • Also published as a book chapter:  Boruff-Jones, P. D. (2003).  Our experience with two virtual reference services at IUPUI University Library.  In B. Katz (Ed.), Digital Reference Services.  (241-255).  Binghamton, NY:  Haworth Information Press.


Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles

He, Y., Cook, P., Boruff-Jones, P. D., & Darr, C. R. (2018).  Assessing information literacy on a regional campus. Assessment Update, 30(5), 4-5, 12.


Baker, S. S. & Boruff-Jones, P. D. (2009).  Information literacy.  Radiologic Technology, 80(4), 374-376.  


Boruff-Jones, P. D. (2006).  Civic engagement:  Internet resources.  College & Research Libraries News, 67(1), 23-26.


Mark, A. E. & Boruff-Jones, P. D. (2003).  Information literacy and student engagement:  What the National Survey of Student Engagement reveals about your campus.  College & Research Libraries, 64(6), 480-493.


White Paper

Association of College and Research Libraries (2013).  [Boruff-Jones, contributor]  Intersections of Scholarly Communication and Information Literacy: Creating Strategic Collaborations for a Changing Academic Environment.  Chicago, IL:  Association of College and Research Libraries.  (Published online at



Cook, P., Boruff-Jones, P., Downey, C. & Canada, M. (2018).  Mind over chatter:  Bias mitigation for college students.  In Southwell, B. G., & Boudewyns, V. (Eds.) (2018).  Curbing the Spread of Misinformation: Insights, Innovations, and Interpretations from the Misinformation Solutions Forum.  Research Triangle Park, NC: RTI Press.


Boruff-Jones, P. D., Hill, J. B., & Laherty, J. (2008).  Information discovery with an SE partner. In C. Nixon and J. Burmood (Eds.), Computers in Libraries 2008: Collected Presentations.  (21-35).  Medford, NJ:  Information Today.


Boruff-Jones, P. D. (2001).  The ideal and the real:  Integration of instructional teams, learning communities, and the First-Year Experience. 

Presentations (selected)

Borchardt, R., Matthews, J., Boruff-Jones, P. & Kelsey, S. (2019, November).  A Proposed Framework for the Evaluation of Academic Librarian Scholarship.  Co-presenter, Charleston Conference, Charleston, SC.


He, Y. & Boruff-Jones, P.D. (September 2019).  Countering Digital Polarization: Teaching College Students Web Literacy Using “Four Moves and a Habit”.  Co-presenter, Mindfulness, Media & Misinformation in the Digital Era, Kokomo, IN.


Boruff-Jones, P. D., He, Y., Cook, P. & Bradley, M.T. (2019, May).  Combating Digital Polarization: Teaching Undergraduates Web Literacy Using “Four Moves and a Habit”.  Co-presenter, LOEX Conference, Minneapolis, MN.


Boruff-Jones, P. D. & Tucci, J. (2018, November).  Practical Management or Practical Magic?  Co-presenter / discussion facilitator, Library Leadership and Management Association Webinar, Online.


Cook, P., Boruff-Jones, P., Downey, C. & Canada, M. (2018, October).  Mind Over Chatter:  Bias Mitigation for College Students.  Co-presenter, Rita Allen Foundation Misinformation Solutions Forum, Washington. DC.


Boruff-Jones, P. D., He, Y., Cook, P. & Darr, C. R. (2017, October).  Working Together to Assess Information Literacy in the General Education Curriculum.  Co-presenter, Assessment Institute, Indianapolis, IN.


“Pilot Information Literacy Skills Assessment for General Education Courses”, with Yan He, Paul Cook and Chris Darr, Assessment Institute, Indianapolis, IN, October 18, 2016.


Feasible, Scalable, and Measurable: Information Literacy Assessment & the National Survey of Student Engagement”, with Carrie Donovan and Kevin Fosnacht, American Library association Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA, June 25, 2012


“Reeling in the Faculty:  Baiting the Information Literacy Hook”, with Kathleen Hanna, Jaena Hollingsworth, William Orme, and Patricia Wittberg, Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) 14th National Conference, Seattle, WA, March 13, 2009


“The Early College High School Initiative:  Development of a Medical Magnet Learning Community”, with Sarah Baker, Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD, October 31, 2008


“Information Discovery with an SE Partner”, with J. B. Hill and Jennifer Laherty, Computers in Libraries Annual Conference, Crystal City, VA, April 7, 2008


“Agents of Change: How Instruction Librarians Can Use the National Survey of Student Engagement to Promote Information Literacy on Campus”, with Amy Mark and Thomas Kirk, American Library Association Midwinter Meeting, Boston, MA, January 16, 2005


“Partnerships and Connections Come Alive”, individual presentation, Association of College and Research Libraries President’s Discussion Forum panel, American Library Association Midwinter Meeting, San Diego, CA, January 12, 2004


“Information Literacy and Student Engagement:  What the National Survey of Student Engagement Reveals about Your Campus”, workshop presentation with Amy Mark, Assessment Institute 2003, Indianapolis, IN, November 3, 2003

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