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Current Events & Controversial Topics Research Guide

Recommended databases, search tools, and strategies for researching current events.

Think about what types of information you need in order to write or present about your research topic or question. Here are some categories to consider:

  • Background information: provides a summary or overview of a topic, event, person, or place. Helpful when you need to know "just the facts" or get a better handle on the basics of your topic.
  • Scholarly publication: typically articles or books written by experts for other experts in a given field. Helpful when you need in-depth information on a topic. 
  • Popular source: information published with a broad audience in mind. This can include a wide range of information formats, including blogs, magazines, and video.
  • Public information: data and information gathered and published by experts and professionals working for organizations and government offices.
  • Reporting: information written by journalists covering a current or historical event.
  • First-person account: articles, books, and videos created by people who have first-person knowledge of a topic
And keep in mind, many sources include or represent multiple types of information. The most important thing is that the source is credible and relevant to your research.

Find reports, fact sheets, and legislative information from government sources:

Find reporting on your topic, or cross-check reporting that you have already found on one of these recommended news sites: 

Stream or download an episode or two about your topic from one of these recommended podcasts covering current events: 

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