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A database of over 200,000 academic book reviews with new reviews added every week.

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Guide to Using Choice Reviews

Indiana University Kokomo Library has a subscription to Choice Reviews. Choice Reviews provides academic book reviews by subject specialists and is considered one of the primary academic review publications. The online version provides flexibility and timeliness as well as the ability to personalize e-mail alerts and save lists for future reference.

Choice Reviews offers a simple search box and uses facets to help you filter your search results. When you enter multiple words into the search box, the default boolean operator is OR, so if you are searching an exact phrase or multiword combination, place quotation marks around the search terms. EXAMPLE: An entry in the search box for working mothers searches as working or mothers. An entry in the search box for "working mothers" searches as a phrase and doesn't use boolean logic.

You are encouraged to set up a personal profile. The creation of a profile will allow you to create lists, share your lists with others, and create alerts to receive new reviews on topics of your choice. Please feel free to contact James Rodgers if you would like to arrange an individual session to get help setting up your personal profile, creating lists, or setting up an e-mail alert for new reviews.

Choice Reviews Features

Want to see the latest reviews by discipline? It's easy! From the CHOICE header, mouse over the word Reviews, and choose the discipline of your choice.

Want to see the most recent reviews? It's easy! From the CHOICE header, mouse over the word Reviews, and choose last 7 days, last 1 month, or last 3 months.

Want to see the most recent reviews for a particular discipline? It's easy! From the left hand margin, choose your discipline. Once the results load, use facets from the left hand margin to choose the date of reviews you wish to view.

Want to perform a more advanced search using a combination of bibliographic information? It's easy! Click the arrow next to the search box, and an advanced search box will appear. Fill in the appropriate information, and click submit.

Need to clear your search results and start fresh? It's easy! Scroll to the top of the page, and in the sort results section, click on clear results.

Need to clear one or more facets you have applied to a search? It's easy! Scroll to the top of the page, and directly under the Review Search Results will be your search parameters. Click on the lower case "x" to remove your search facet(s).

Want to create a list of up to 100 titles? It's easy! Choose the titles for your list by clicking in the box next to the title you wish to place in the list. Scroll to the top of the page, and click on the create a new list icon found just above the first title on the right hand side of the page. Create list icon   You will be required to create a name for the new list.

Want to print a review? Click on the title of the book to display the full review. Click on the gear icon, and select print.

Want to create an e-mail alert for a specific search? Perform the desired search, and then scroll to the top of the page, and choose the magnifying glass icon for "save your search criteria". Provide a name and description for your saved search criteria. You will receive a success notice. From the CHOICE header, mouse over the word LISTS, and choose my saved searches and alerts. The saved search criteria will display, and you have the option to set an alert using the drop down menu box. You may choose to get weekly or monthly alerts.

Need additional help? The frequently asked questions is a great place to get answers.