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Yan He Profile: Scholarship


  • PI, Faculty Research Grant-in-Aid (funded, $3,900), Indiana University Kokomo, 2015. Project Title: A Pilot Information Literacy Skills Assessment for General Education Courses.
  • Co-PI, Indiana University Collaborative Research Grants (funded, $43,667), Indiana University, 2018. Project Title: Computational Data Analysis Training (CDAT) Modules: Promoting Quantitative Reasoning and Early Research for Molecular Bioscience Undergraduate Majors.
  • Co-PI, NSF 19-601 (submitted, $299,844), National Science Foundation, 2020. Project Title: Co-curricular Quantitative Data Analytical Training Program to Advance Learning and Engagement of Bioscience Students at Small Colleges.

Selected Publications

  • He, Y., Paul C., Boruff-Jones, P. & Bradley, MT. (2022). Combating digital polarization: teaching undergraduates Web literacy using "Four Moves and a Habit". LOEX 2019 Proceedings.
  • He, Y., Boruff-Jones, P., Paul C., & Darr, C. (2018). Assessing Information Literacy on a regional campus. Assessment Update, 30(5), 4-12.
  • Thorpe, A., Lukes, R., Bever, D. J., & He, Y. (2016). Connecting the dots? The impact of the academic library on student success. Portal: Libraries and the Academy, 16 (2), 373-392.
  • He, Y. & Masuda, H. (2015). Teaching undergraduate science majors how to read biochemistry primary literature: a flipped classroom approach. Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology, 4(2), 51-57.
  • Le, J. D., He, Y., Hoye, T. R., Mead, C. C., & Kiehl, R. A. (2003). Negative differential resistance in a bilayer molecular junction. Applied Physics Letters, 83(26), 5518-5520.

Selected Presentations

  • He, Y. & Boruff-Jones, P. (August 2021). Countering Digital Polarization and Advancing Civic Information Literacy with SIFT. Poster presented at the IFLA World Library Information and Congress (WLIC) 2021 (online).
  • Davis, P., Deaton, C., He, Y., & Saam, J. (June 2021). Using Embedded Course Assessments to Assess General Education Outcomes. Pre-recorded Session presented at the virtual 2021 Assessment Institute.
  • Baer, A., Kipnis, D., Flynn, R., & He, Y. (April 2021). Trust, Criticality, & the Open Web: Three Approaches to Teaching Lateral Reading. Panel session presented at ACRL 2021 Virtual Conference.
  • He, Y., Boruff-Jones, P., Cook, P., & Caulfield, M. (June 2020). Using “SIFT” to Teach Digital Literacy in a Democratic Society. Session presented at the ALA 2020 Virtual Conference.
  • He, Y., Boruff-Jones, P., Cook, P., & Bradley, MT. (May 2019). Combating Digital Polarization: Teaching Undergraduates Web Literacy using “Four Moves and a Habit”. Session presented at the LOEX 2019 Conference, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Masuda, H. & He, Y. (November 2018). Computational Data Analysis Training (CDAT) Modules: Promoting Quantitative Reasoning and Early Research. Session presented at the AAC&U 2018 Transforming STEM Higher Education Conference, Atlanta, GA.
  • Boruff-Jones, P., He, Y., Cook, P., & Darr, C. (October 2017). Working Together to Assess Information Literacy in the General Education Curriculum. Session presented at the 2017 Assessment Institute, Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • He, Y., Boruff-Jones, P., Cook, P., & Darr, C. (October 2016). Pilot Information Literacy Skills Assessments for General Education Courses. Session presented at the 2016 Assessment Institute, Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • He, Y. & Masuda, H. (March 2015). Teaching biochemistry undergraduates how to find and read primary literature with hybrid information literacy sessions:  a faculty-librarian collaborative approach. Poster presented at ACRL 2015 Annual Conference, Portland, Oregon.
  • Barnhart, A., Fribley, K., He, Y., Helmstutler, B., Muller, J., & Story-Huffman, R. (March 2015). Faculty are life-long learners so why not teach them!: information literacy instruction offered to faculty. Panel presentation at ACRL 2015 Annual Conference, Portland, Oregon.
  • He, Y. (September 2013). Open chemical information: Comparison of Chemical Information Sources (CIS) Wikibook and eXplore Chemical Information Teaching Resources (XCITR). Session presented at 246th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, Indianapolis, Indiana.​
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