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Collection Guidelines

IU Kokomo Library Mission Statement

The mission of the Library is to provide the collections, services, and environments to support and strengthen the teaching, learning, and research mission of Indiana University Kokomo.

General Statement of Purpose

The mission of the IU Kokomo Archives is to collect, organize, preserve, and provide access to resources created by or about the campus in support of administration, teaching, research, and service. To this end, the IU Kokomo Archives: 
  • provides information services which support University and campus administrators in the performance of their duties;
  • supports research and teaching by making available and encouraging the use of its collections by the IU Kokomo community and the public;
  • promotes knowledge and understanding of the history, programs, and people of Indiana University Kokomo;
  • works with partners in University Archives to develop and implement a records management strategy for IU Kokomo offices, schools, and departments and for campus offices that contribute to system-wide responsibilities.

Collecting Focus: Guidelines Governing Selection

The IU Kokomo Archives collects records relating to the history and culture of Indiana University Kokomo that have long-term, indefinite administrative, legal, fiscal or historical value. The majority of these records are created or collected by IU Kokomo administrative units and academic departments in connection with their work. Another key source of records collected by the Archives are the records generated by faculty, student and alumni organizations. Finally, the Archives collects on a selective basis the personal papers of IU Kokomo faculty, staff, and alumni as well as materials that document the campus’ relationship with Kokomo and Howard County.  

Indiana University administrative units and academic departments 

The IU Kokomo Archives works with the University Archives to collect comprehensively and broadly in this area with the goal of documenting the creation, development, priorities and activities of every IU Kokomo administrative unit and academic school, department or research center.  

IU Kokomo-affiliated organizations 

This category includes faculty and staff bodies, student organizations, alumni groups and IU Kokomo support organizations. The IU Kokomo Archives collects comprehensively and broadly in this area with the goal of documenting the creation, development, priorities and activities of these organizations.

IU Kokomo faculty 

The IU Kokomo Archives collects selectively in the area of faculty papers with the goal of documenting the faculty member as a member of the University and campus community, as a researcher, teacher, and as a scholar interacting with professional colleagues both within and outside the University.  In determining whose papers to solicit, IU Kokomo Archives staff consider:

  • the scholarly, research, and teaching contributions of the faculty member; faculty members who have achieved emeritus status; other measurements include major awards; election to distinguished societies; and appointment to prestigious state, national, or international advisory committees;
  • whether the materials support the research and teaching needs of the campus and University;
  • whether the individual or the content of the papers fill gaps in the Archives collections, particularly in documenting the lives and work of underrepresented peoples and groups.

IU Kokomo alumni 

The IU Kokomo Archives collects selectively in the area of IU Kokomo alumni papers with the goal of documenting the individual’s student experience with an emphasis on unique materials created and collected during their time at IU Kokomo or their engagement with the campus afterwards. Examples include: 

  • Records of participation in student organizations: Meeting minutes, flyers, photographs, and other audiovisual materials;
  • Publications: Newsletters, programs, and yearbooks;
  • Artifacts: Buttons and memorabilia;
  • Materials that describe or document your personal experience at IU Kokomo: Scrapbooks, diaries, photographs, audiovisual materials, and correspondence with faculty, administrators, fellow students, and family.

Administrative and departmental records 

Most records can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Governance and policy documents: Constitutions and by-laws, minutes and proceedings, policies and procedures, reports;
  • Office or administrative files: Correspondence and memoranda (incoming and outgoing) and subject files concerning projects, activities and functions;
  • Biographical information: About IU Kokomo administrators, faculty, staff, students and alumni;
  • Campus publications: Includes newsletters, journals, brochures, monographs, programs, posters, and announcements issued by all campus offices, schools, and departments, as well as by faculty, student and alumni organizations.
  • Audiovisual and photographic material of events and programs organized and sponsored by IU Kokomo units.

Consult Resources for Records Management at Indiana University or contact the campus archivist for guidance.

Faculty, staff, and alumni papers

Papers commonly transferred to the IU Kokomo Archives include, but are not limited to, the following materials:

  • Biographical material: Resumes, vitae, bibliographies, biographical and autobiographical sketches, chronologies, genealogies, and newspaper clippings;
  • Correspondence files, both professional and personal;
  • Diaries and journals;
  • Classroom material: Lecture notes, syllabi, course outlines, reading lists, and examinations,
  • Research files: Outlines, research designs, raw data, notes, analyses and reports of findings;
  • Drafts and manuscripts of articles, books, reviews and speeches;
  • Audiovisual material and photographs documenting personal and professional activities;

Materials not collected

The IU Kokomo Archives generally does not collect:

  • Secondary or published materials that do not document Indiana University Kokomo or its people. Donors seeking a home for reprints, pre-prints, or book collections may wish to consult with the Technical Services Librarian to find suitable homes for their reprint or book collections.
  • Research files consisting primarily of photocopies of secondary sources OR copies of materials held by another archival repository.
  • Plaques, trophies, or large, framed photographs tend to have very little research or long-term historical value and need not be transferred to the Archives.
  • Materials that duplicate existing holdings.
  • Materials that are in poor condition and may require extensive resources to preserve.
  • Materials transferred on deposit without transfer of ownership.
  • Materials to which access is restricted in perpetuity or for a period of time deemed by the Archives staff to be beyond a reasonable limitation.

If the IU Kokomo Archives declines materials, staff will direct donors to appropriate potential repositories or institutions. 


The relevance of materials in the IU Kokomo Archives can and will change over time. Periodic deselection may be done to identify items which no longer fit the collection criteria for inclusion, that have degraded or that cannot be properly stored, used, and preserved. If this occurs, Archives staff will deaccession by one of the means below:

  • Return to the donor or donor’s heirs
  • Donate to another repository
  • Destroy

This addresses established collections and does not include the general weeding and appraisal of materials upon receipt or those materials deselected during processing.

Implementation and Revision Schedule

This policy has been reviewed by the Dean of the IU Kokomo Library and is considered effective on the date indicated below. It will be reexamined regularly by the Campus Archivist and revised as needed. 

Last revised: June 13, 2019

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