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LibTools: Home

IU Kokomo version of the LibX Firefox toolbar that allows you to quickly search IUCAT, EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), Journal Finder, Google Scholar, and other search tools.

Firefox Installation Instructions

Works with Firefox version 1.5.0.x or higher and XP or Vista.  If Firefox displays a message "To protect your computer, Firefox prevented this site... from installing software on your computer", press the button labeled "Edit Options...", and click "Allow" add and to the list of websites from which extensions may be installed. Then click "OK" and visit the "Install" link again.

Installation Instructions for Internet Explorer

Download the file. Close all Internet Explorer windows and run the file. A wizard will walk you through the installation process. Check the box to re-start Internet Explorer before you click "finish". LibX IE requires that .Net 2.0 or later is installed and works with Internet Explorer 6 or higher. 

Not recommended for Vista.

LibTools for Internet Explorer


LibTools - IU Kokomo's version of the LibX Firefox and Internet Explorer Extension

What is LibTools?

  1. Toolbar: LibTools is a Web browser toolbar that allows you to quickly search the IUCAT library catalog, EBSCO Discovery Service, Multi-Database QuickSearch, Journal Finder, Google Scholar, Google Books, Look for it, Citation Linker, and other search tools.
  2. Right-click menu: When you have installed LibTools, you can highlight text on a web page or PDF and then right-click for a menu of search options.
  3. Embedded links: LibTools will also embed links on search results in Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Scholar, NYT Book Reviews, CiteULike, and more. These links will lead you to IU Kokomo-only resources.

1. Toolbar: Enter search words in the box in the LibTools toolbar. The EBSCO Discovery Service (which searches across most of the Library's resources) is the default, but you can switch to IUCAT, Multi-Database QuickSearch, Journal Finder, Google Scholar, Google Books, WorldCat, and/or Credo Reference. You can search by multiple terms by clicking on the down arrow down arrow, which adds more search boxes. The fields that can be searched change depending on which resource (e.g. IUCAT vs. Google Scholar) you've chosen to search.

LibTools toolbar


2. Right-click menu: Highlight text on a web page or PDF document, and right-click to get the following menu:

Right-click context menu


From this menu you can:

Directly search EDS, IUCAT, QuickSearch, Google Scholar, and more. (Try this with a citation you need!) You can add more options to the right-click menu in Preferences (see below).

From off-campus, get access to IU Kokomo-only resources by reloading the page via our proxy server (requires IU Kokomo username and passphrase).

Alternatively, instead of right-clicking, drag and drop the selected text into the search box on the toolbar or directly onto the Google Scholar button scholar (which will immediately run a Google Scholar search).

Also, the context menu will change, depending on which text is highlighted. For instance, if an ISBN is selected, you will be offered appropriate ISBN searches. Currently recognized are CrossRef DOIs, ISBNs, ISSNs, and PubMed IDs.



3. Embedded links: within Amazon, Google Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Scholar, NYT Book Reviews, etc.

Embedded link on Amazon book page


LibTools places the cue IU in web pages such as:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Google
  • Google Books
  • Google Scholar (you must select IU Kokomo as your library in your Google Scholar Preferences)
  • New York Times Book Reviews
  • Yahoo! Search
  • And more...

Click on the cue to get online access to the article or to see if IU Kokomo owns the book.


Tips for using LibTools:

Add more functions to the right-click menu:

Use the Libx Preferences menu to enable search capabilities for additional resources. For example, on the General tab, you can set LibTools to search keywords in the text of web pages through Multi-Database QuickSearch (as shown in the screenshot to the right). QuickSearch allows you to search 100 library databases and web resources from one search box.

You can also enable LibTools to search Call Numbers, Authors, and more.
preferences menu

Autolinking feature:

autolink option      LibTools links any numbers perceived as ISSNs or ISBNs, but sometimes it will add links to other numbers on a Web page (e.g. phone numbers, etc.). To turn off this "autolink pages" feature, open the "LibTools IU Kokomo" menu in the Firefox toolbar, uncheck "autolink pages," and reload the page. The autolinking will stay off and no longer link any numbers, but you'll still be able to use the rest of the features of LibTools.

Copyright statement:

LibTools is a version of the LibX toolbar, which is distributed under the Mozilla Public License. The copyright is held jointly by Annette Bailey and Virginia Tech.